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Here you can ask for help and report you bugs. Please remember to provide all the information you can. The more information you give, the faster we will be able to solve it.


Discuss, ask questions and give feedback about the platform.

App frameworks

To discuss, share knowledge and ideas about different app frameworks.

Work in progress

Talk with other users about your works in progress. Get feedback and share your feelings and thoughts about your work and other people's projects.


User tutorials made by users wink

Game engines

To discuss, share knowledge and ideas about different game engines.


Latest news and announcements from the Cocoon team.


This category is to share your latest Cocoon creations with other developers. The most voted ones will appear in the Showcase carrousel. Show other users what you are capable of wink

CocoonJS / Legacy

For everything related to the previous cloud and its legacy: CocoonJS plugins, the old extensions, the launcher, custom launcher, ...


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.