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After long days of pain and work I discovered something very bad:

1 - I was able to again have access to the old cloud, and I tested generate a new build of the game using the cocoonjs plugin export.
2 - The game is amazing and fast. Very different from when I generate one buid here in coocoon.io using cordovaa and where the game is very slow with the weak performance both IOS and Android
3 - Another thing I discovered is that if I export my game using cocoonjs, not the cordovam I can generate it build here (cocoon.io) normally as if it had the ludei, but this way I can not use the mopub.

Is there any way I can export my game with cocoonjs generate the build by cocoon.io and able to use the mopub?


I m currently like tributorock,
is there any mean to access the old cocoonJS compiler ? I have been working a lot on my Game and if there is performance issue , this wont be cool

best regards