Admob template working with default admob, but not mine (numbers are right)


Hi there,

So I have a game and right now i’m starting with Andy’s template which works with the default interstitial and banner ids… i went over to my account and made ios and android banners / interstitials…

first i made the template build and made sure it was using my project’s ID (com.part12studios…) so I could build the default one fine and make things appear and such…

then i simply swapped out the numbers… and the ads don’t show… they do show with his default numbers… mine are freshly made… have the same format as his example:


now at this point i’d think its more to do with admob itself… but admob is pretty damn simple… i make a banner name it and it gives me a number i paste in… is there some other step needed to activate?

i saw these instructions referring to a slightly different number"

  1. Download the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

  2. Follow the SDK integration guide. Specify ad type, size, and placement when you integrate the code.
    App ID: ca-app-pub-4591554091341403~7129815572"

is this something i need to do?

please note that i even put the old numbers back in the app and rebuilt it and ads work again with his numbers… i don’t see what else i can do to get admob banners to display… is it some “test mode” setting somewhere or something?



I am asking myself the same question! Please help!


I have not worked with cocoon in awhile. i’m not sure if this was ever addressed, but it looks like it hasn’t been. I’m using C3 now and while its still working out some kinks it’s definitely the future for most C2 users.


Hi @part12studio
Have you already added your payment details to your admob account?
I can remember that someone wrote that ads didn’t work till he has added his payment details (and verified it).