Ads Mediation Plugin For Construct 2 (Heyzap, Admob, Applovin, Chartboost, Unity Ads, Vungle)


Mobile Ads Mediation Plugin For Construct 2 (Heyzap, Admob, Applovin, Chartboost, Unity Ads, Vungle)
At the moment this is the best mediation mobile ads for IOS and Android.

You Can Buy (Only $20 $15) Heyzap Ads Mediation Plugin for Construct 2 here

• Support all best mobile ads networks: Heyzap, Admob, Applovin, Chartboost, Unity Ads, Vungle
• Support formats ads: Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rewarded Video
• Easy export to Android & iOS
С Supported

• Include Heyzap Mediation Plugin for Construct 2
• Include Constuct2 source project (.CAPX)
• Include Quick start DOCUMENTATION
• Include compilation config for IOS and Android

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your link returns 404 not found :wink:



Hi, Andy. Thanks. Fixed


Today price drop to 15$


Now heyzap work on webview and vebview+ (Cocoon, IntelXDK or other cordova platform) but plugin dont work on Cocoon Canvas+ engine - this bug Cocoon. You can use plugin add next for your project:


Hi there! We need this plugin. We just need AppLovin SDK for C2. Can you contact with Us please! We want to buy it


Hi. Plugin not support now.


I can pay you more than just that price. We just really need this AppLovin plugin for C2


Sorry, but the plugin is not supported and will not work for more than 6 months. There were a lot of problems with him, from the side Cocoon and Heyzap(Fyber). Look at the forum on Scirra - maby can someone develop you a plug-in just for Applovin


You can just use Admob for mediation and use the Cocoon plugin adaptors that are already available.

I use the Ultimate Ads plugin and then just add the adaptors I need in Cocoon.
Applovin, Unity & Chartboost all have adaptors but no luck yet for Vungle, Heyzap etc


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Hey Man,

I don’t really use FB but here is a copy/paste of what I sent my friend who was looking to do same thing.

Admob Mediation:


-Admob Account
-Ultimate Ads/Cocoon Plugin

Setup Ads as normal within C2 using Ultimate Ads plugin and use your normal Ad Unit ID’s for Banner, Int & Reward

In Cocoon, under plugins, you will need to add the adapters for the other networks you would like to use.

So far the only ones available and tested are:

Unity - cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob-unityads
Applovin - cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob-applovin
Adcolony - cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob-adcolony
InMobi - cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob-inmobi
Chartboost - cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob-chartboost

*Replace ‘ios’ with ‘android’ for Android builds

Tested & working with Unity & Applovin.

You will then need to follow the Admob mediation guide to set up your mediation groups on Admob.
Instructions here:

Things to note.

-You will need to register yourself & each app with each AdNetwork you want to mediate with. Each AdNetwork will also have different minimum payments so It’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re app isn’t currently making a decent amount.

-Each AdNetwork has slightly different ways of doing things. Admob will require something like an ‘App ID’ & ‘PlacementID’s’ for each Ad Unit you want to mediate. If you have any difficulties a quick google for the ‘Network’ + ‘Admob Mediation’ will normally tell you what details they are after.

-Admob will ask you for a minimum CPM for each network in the beginning. The average CPM will normally update after a few days of mediation running but setting it to something around $2.00 to begin with is fine.


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