Android Awaiting

Have uploaded my app files for hours and its still has not complie its showing Android awating … why? am new here

I have very unfortunate news for you, pal.

Since August 20th we have not received any feedback from the Cocoon Team. There are currently SEVERAL issues with compiling, build errors, plug-in errors, bugs and frozen app builders. The community have tried numerous methods of reaching Cocoon in search for any response, to no veil.

We are alone with the errors we’ve encountered and the Cocoon Team has truly abandoned this community. I suggest you look for an alternative to build your APP.

Good luck.


Not suprised. The cocoon team are never here to help the users !
I pity those who paid for this service it is shameful.
What are good alternatives to build app free ?

Cordova cli or phonegap

Phonegap doest work it seems…
I cannot sign up…

do not you work phonegap?

Phonegap doest not work it seems…
I cannot sign up…

I tried to sign up, and I have this message : We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

strange… try then Cordova CLI


I’m trying until something happens, like a good news from cocoon…

Is it easier Phonegap than Cordova CLI ?

:small_orange_diamond:Cordova short guide :small_orange_diamond:

:one: Follow how to install cordova on the site:

:two: Once you have installed cordova, create a folder on the desktop such as “ProjectCordova”, then with the CMD select “cd desktop” and then “cd ProjectCordova”

:three: Once you have selected the folder with the CMD, type the command (cordova create “project name” “com.progetto.test” “project name”)

:four: Once you have created the files replace the config xml with your the same applies to the www folder

:five: Now with the CMD type the name of the folder with the name of the cordova project “Cordova Project”
Then write always in the CMD “cordova platform add android”

:six: After the previous step add the plugins such as on CMD “cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser”

:seven: Finally, type in the CMD “cordova build android” to create the apk.

I hope this guide can be useful :grin::wink:

as soon as I have more time I will do other more detailed guides

Thanks a lot,
I’m trying…

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let me know if you’ve succeeded

Ok… Thanks

  1. I compiled my game (test) with C2, with plugin like : cordova-plugin-dialogs.
    After used nodejs, I prepared cordova and installed it.

  2. After creating a blank cordova project… At the 4th step, I’m a bit lost… :neutral_face:

Hi, can you compile with the charboost cordova plugin?

Let me try and I will get in touch… Thanks

I am paying for anyone who can compile with chartboost.

My email:

you have to replace the www folder and the cordova config.xml file with those of the file exported from c2

Great … Thanks, I will be back

let me know if you managed to keep going