Android Awaiting


After test and test with the console…
I’m trying to build the APK… and on the cmd, I get this …
but after the last line…
Android Target : not installed

Can you give me more infos about this error please ?


hello you have to install android studio … is in the requirements of cordova then once you have installed android studio you have to install the sdk (android versions) select the sdk 26 until the most recent then install it at the end should go all when you create the build let me saepere …


i just create a detailed tutorial to how build apk from construct 2 file using cordova cli and and make admob ads work then many other tips and tricks. so enjoy guys. and if you like my tutorial you can make a little paypal donation ( the paypal link is in tutorial ) :blush:


excellent you have made a good contribution to the community … it is good that we help each other in this difficult period for cocoon :+1:


Thanks a lot… I didn’t finish but I will test it.


no problem guys i’m glad to help you out . this method i used to build apk i try it just today and it work ( i don’t use any of the cocoon plugins ) i use phonegap but the problem is they give just 1 app to build. so you must delete the older app or you need to create another account. to build another app.



When I try to build an APK, I have this error : You have not accepted the licenses agreemement of Android SDK Platform 27… In Android Studio, I have the Android SDK Platform-tools 28.0.1…
What’s wrong, do you have an idea ?


do you use construct 2? I think it will come up to 26 construct 2 will soon arrive the stable update that introduces the new versions then use sdk 26


I have this problem when add plugin ehance-cordova-connector why?

cordova plugin add enhance-cordova-connector
Failed to fetch plugin git+ via registry.
Probably this is either a connection problem, or plugin spec is incorrect.
Check your connection and plugin name/version/URL.
Failed to get absolute path to installed module


you build with phonegap or you try my tutorial .? i think i get that problem but the plugin still work and the build success then when i test the game in bluestacks the ads are working fine


try to test my method its easy and effective


I compiled with cordova cli made me apk, however, gave me this error, you say that is not a problem?


however, I followed your method


yes if the apk build successfully i think there is no problem. after you enhance your apk download it and test it to see if ads work or not


no ads do not work … I used your own method … I entered this code of test admob “ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712” I started the apk but the ads do not go what can be?


it work for me bro and it must work for you i try this method in 2 of my games and it works. try to use the real not the test ads ( just don’t click it when you test the game )


ok I try as you say … but with cocoon ads even if I used the test worked … this is what I entered in C2


create a debug apk by using this code : cordova build android ( without – release ) when you get apk test it and you must get a message appear like that :


yes I made the release apk from cordova and then I loaded it on enhance by selecting the admob voice but nothing happens to me


no no the first code is correct but the second is not.
you create a new empty event sheet ( called it include ads ) and you add these 3 conditions with their actions the new event sheet must be like that :

then you need to include this new event sheet to every event sheet in your project where you put " enhance → show interstitial " by right click in that event sheet and choosing include then include your new event sheet