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now create a debug apk and before you enhance it, test it in your phone or in emulator. if you get the message i got the ads must be work if you not getting that message something is wrong in your project


so this part should be changed? do I replace the variable with the function?


i don’t use variable to restart or show ads. just remove this part . and do what i tell you in the last message create new event sheet → add the conditions and actions i show you in that event sheet → include that event sheet in every events sheet where you add this action : enhance : show interstitial ads . thats its very easy


ok I try and let you know hanks for the help


ok i hope it work for you. no problem dude


and another thing don’t forget to do a privacy policy link when you want to publish it in google play .


you could help me for this I never did anything like that


did you put the EU GDPR laws?


OK now I see the pop-up as in the picture you sent me is normal that you do it even if the app was exported from the enhance site?


you can check my site i make many privacy policies for my games. make a small blog and generate privacy policy and post it in your blog. its easy. i use gdpr in 2 games. one of them is native not made by construct 2 . and the other i use my own dialog . i create a dialog by using cordova dialog : so if the user agree he will continue to play. if not he will exit it. . if you see the pop-up when you test the debug apk. now create a release apk by typing cordova build android --release . and after you create it enhance it and test it to see if the real ads appear


yes, I’ve already improved the cordova app on enhancement but it does not let me see the announcements that Pop-Up keeps coming


Hello Guys, do you know how to fix poor performance on Android 4.4.2 (below 5.0)
I always exported with cocoon and canvas plus and the performance was amazing and I didn’t need the crosswalk. but now it’s laggy and I didn’t find canvas plus plugin for cordova.
Thanks for help :slight_smile:


You try use in Cordova CLI webview+


OK, I will give it a chance :smiley:


i don’t understand your question. what announcements that keeps coming ? after you enhance your game you must see the real ads instead of the one i show you in the screenshot


yes, but I still see that … while other times nothing appears


Could you solve my problem to install Cordova on Ubuntu ? Here the explanation :


its strange. i do the same things and the ads appear as they should . so i think is something wrong in your construct 2 coding. you have facebook ?


Yes i have facebook, contact me here if you want


sorry i dont use Ubuntu :confused: