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Hi so this
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic-webview@latest
doesn’t work only makes the file about 5mb bigger that’s all
so probably I need to use crosswalk.
Sorry guys for corrupting your conversation.


canvas + performance is much much better than webview or webview+ thats a fact so there is nothing to do except to try to clean your construct 2 project and make it lighter


No problem man… one thing, crosswalk service is deprecate at the Android version 4.0… do you use ionic?


Can But Canvas+ be integrated into Cordova CLI?


I don’t know I’m looking for it now


i don’t have any idea. because i never search for that. i will search for that in this night .


I have found this plugin for phonegap:
but I never succeeded


i will try this plugin this night and see if i can make it to work


OK thanks, today enought for me I make almost 20 different apks files :smiley:
EU time.


yes this is the problem when you use something out of your control if the service down you need to update everything and that suck


Sorry for the delay - Yes, C2


hello, I managed to inject Cocoon Canvas+ in Phonegap and got super performance. [Workaround while we wait for to fix their issues]
what about this?


you use construct 2?


who post this tutorial said he not use construct 2 he use impactjs or something like that


Hi there !

Do you think it is possible to use an old Keystore for a first cordova build (android) ?
I’ve already my keystore, and I need to sign the App (test) from cordova CLi…



Yes you can do it but know that google play does not accept lower apps than version 26


Thanks again for your help.
I will check it…


Huh. One of my projects just finished compiling.


Hi I made a visual novel game using TyranoBuilder and uploaded it to GameJolt. The game is here :
How do i convert this game into android? PLease help!

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