[Android] Earthlings


I’m currently working on a new game for Android. The first version is now released in beta and I’m looking for some testers.
So if you want to check it out, you find the enroll link here.

Beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.earthlings.shatter

Any feedback is appreciated. Also if you find some bugs, or if you have some suggestions, please let me know.

Touch left screen area, to move left.
Touch right screen area, to move right.

While running touch with a second finger anywhere to perform a jump.
While standing touch with two fingers anywhere to perform a jump.

What’s included

  • Cocoon Ads with AdMob
  • Chartboost Ads (Cranberrygame’s Cordova Chartboost Plugin)
  • Google Analytics (Cranberrygame’s Cordova Google Analytics Plugin)
  • Cocoon GooglePlayGame
  • Cordova Dialog (by Cranberrygame)

Please note
This game is in early beta and this is one of the first versions. So some functions are missing.

P.S. I giveaway a free copy of my e-book for each tester how left a feedback here!

E-Book: https://www.scirra.com/store/ebooks/quick-starter-ebook-1893

Thank you for your help!



I tested out and it looks so amazing the UI is simple but at the same time super friendly and beautiful. The menu is also super simple and well designed.

At first i didnt know what to do, it took me some time to discover that i have to leave a finger touching the screen and touch with my other hand to make the character jump xD

The graphics are amazing also, they have that cartoonish look but at the same time look professional.

I tested this from a samsung galaxy s3 mini, android 4.1 and works perfect and super fluid :slightly_smiling:

Edit: At first the screen goes black and then it loads the loader layout, i know that the game will load because i use construct 2 also and that happens when you open the app but maybe the users will think that the game crashed. But what i do to avoid that is i use 2 splash screens, the first is the screen that you can configure on cocoon.io and the second is the loader layout. In the first screen i put the name of my brand and in the second the title of the game.

Just a little suggestion, that is why i do xD


Hi @appsbychal

Thank you so much for your feedback. I’ll takte that on my list for the next update.
The “how to” is already planned and in work, so that it is clear how to control the player in-game.

I’ll also consider the loader screen. I only tested it on my tablet and there was no black screen. I guess it depends of the device hardware.

Let me know if you have any further suggestions. They are all welcome!

P.S. Check your PM, I sent you a free redeem code for my ebook :slightly_smiling:

Thank you!