Hello, encountered a problem when compiling a project with the plugin Google Play Games Social API and Appodeal-PhoneGap android plugin appears.permission.read_phone_state which is not where it is not spelled out, Google requires an additional agreement, how to get rid of this android.permission?


Same question, please answer!
But I’m not used Google Play Games Social API or Appodeal-PhoneGap, my plugins is only this:
And recently I’m recieved e-mail from google to remove this permission or add privacy policy or my app will be removed… :frowning:


The problem is not solved, I made privacy policy and expected.


Same here. :frowning: Can anyone shed some light on this matter? I only tried to fix some bug on my app after that I tried to upload it and then now it asks for privacy policy URL due to some READ_PHONE_STATE.


write privacy policies or try to use other plug-ins in your application


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