[Android] Triangle (built with C2 & CocoonIO)


I recently launched my next game Triangle in an open beta phase. So I’m looking for some testers.

Become Beta Tester:


Download from Store:
When you are a tester you can download the game here:



The game meant to be hard :wink:

I’m glad about all kind of feedback and suggestions.


Hello Andy,

It is really a very nice game, I cannot achieve a better result than 8!

Keep working on It, it is a beautiful concept.


Thank you for your feedback :smiley:

Well this is more than I have achieved so far. My best score is 6 :stuck_out_tongue:
In a few our the leaderboard should work, too. Then the score will submitted to the leaderboard.
I also hope that the softkey bar will disappear with the latest canvas+ version for the compiler.

I’ll release an update tonight to see if it works :smiley:


So it is “safe” for me to say that I have the world record of triangle? :wink:

Don’t forget to write a reply when the leaderboard is working.


Never have seen it this way, but yes at the moment you are on the top of the world (of triangle) :smiley:
I going to leave a line when the leaderboard service is working :smiley:

Thanks for testing!


Leaderboard is working now :smiley: let me know if you have any suggestions. I’m glad to add them.




Mmmm, let’s see if I can score in the leaderboard, I already scored 16 in the previous version:

Also, I haven’t found a bug while playing. No performance issues neither.


Awesome news @andoni_martin
May I ask you what device you used for testing?

Also feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions :wink:

My personal highscore is 27 up to now, can you beat it? :smiley:


Hello Andy,

I’m testing with a Motorola Moto G v2. (The one with two speakers).

As some suggestions I would recommend you to include more than one spinning hexagon in the same or different spinning direction that expands with random frequencies. Those new hexagons stacks at random rates depending on your current score and they may contain more than one missing edge.

Also, some power ups like slow hexagon motion, expand an hexagon at will, remove some of the edges of the hexagon randomly and more like this. :smile:


Sounds interessting :smiley: I’ll prepare a cool update with some of your suggested features :smiley:

Thank you!


Hi @imanolm1

It’s been a while but I finally have migrated your suggestions. Game is still in work, but I revamped the complete game play.

So you now are able to shoot out single segments from the hexagon, but keep in mind, your ammo is limited. You will randomly get more ammo while playing.

Moreover I have added a new touch controll (buttons are still working of course)

Shoot: Double-tab anywhere on the touch screen.

Movement: touch the left area to turn left, or the right area to move right.
Hold the thouch with two fingers to speed up.

You can get the latest version over here.

Let me know about any bugs or of any suggestions, I’m glad to implement them.



Just found a bug with the touch control. This will be fixed with the upcoming update!



let’s improve my score