Android up again


We detected an issue with our Android compilers that took some time to fix.

It’s solved now, but the list of pending compilations is long It might take a while to catch up with any compilation you order right now.

We are deploying more Android compilers to speed up this process.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


It took you too long to solve this problem for days that you talk about it here in the forum and you’ve only been out now


When will you make the next updates? because cocoon has lagged behind the standards of android and ios


I don’t understand why on earth would you leave all of your customers in the dark about this for weeks.

No response to the many questions from customers here on the forum or elsewhere, no indication that any staff were even aware of the issue and no answers from paid support emails until now?


Did you actually take a break and went on vacation? No offense intended I just wanna know. Thanks.


Any update on 3.0.0 full release ?? the beta version has lots of problems … Couldn’t run a single game with 3.0.0 so far … don’t be silent and be honest about it…


In fact for now it is possible to create an app only with 2.1.0 because the 2.2.0 has problems with the audio


Feel happy, but also feel a bit unhappy because already move to phonegap :frowning:


Webview plus is still not compiling!


how is your game performance on phonegap?


Can we please get an explanation why there was complete silence from you all this time? Your WHOLE service was down for more than 2 weeks and not even your gold members could reach you. Why didn’t you post on the forum to explain you were trying to fix the problem?

Please, we NEED you to answer this or we simply cannot keep up our subscription…


I have decided to stop the service now I can not trust and I’m not sure I want to continue to fill in with cocoon unless you give valid explanations …


It’s good enough, same with cocoon webview engine, and the performance also so much good especially for android above 4.4.


After internal discussion we’re going to terminate our subscription here. The 2 weeks of silence and now total lack of response to this topic don’t bode well for Cocoon as a continued service. We are very sad to make this decision. Cocoon had great potential.