AngularJS, Ionic, designing game with minimal graphics but potential to add 3D later


I am new to CocoonJS, but have been using AngularJS and some Ionic for about a year and a half.

Development on CocoonJS seems a little puzzling with how it will work with AngularJS. I tested out the demo one provided for it, but it didn’t seem to have graphics or any other Cocoon-specific plugins, so the example was not too useful for me in that way.

Anyway, any advice would be helpful along the lines of how it interacts with CocoonJS plugins and within Angular. I am accustomed to using angular “modules”, so I imagine cocoon would incorporate into Angular in a similar way.

In the meanwhile, I believe I will try out the Ionic example and see how well that works. Ionic also has the ability to live test supposedly, with their tools, so maybe I will try that and the demo CocoonJS. I will document my experience here…


See my example integrating WebGL/Canvas with Ionic Framework using Angular services

Regards, Nicholls