Any Way to Fix Google Play Services?

“* What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring root project ‘android’. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:_debugApkCopy’. > Could not find”

@andy_reitberger please help! is there any way to use “cordovaGame” plugin by “cranberrygames” in cocoon?

Not gonna work until their github page get fixed

And its not even building with phonegap… Isnt anyone bothered with this?
And who is responsible for fixing github page?

If you’re using such plugins like AdMob, then maybe that’s where the problem lies. Got rid of mine, and I could compile my apps again.

The AdMob plugins had been having problems lately, but I have a solution that can work on the latest Cocoon version, but it involves using a different AdMob plugin within your Config.xml: <plugin name=“admob” spec="*"/>.

Then, add the following within the “deviceready” event:

admob.initAdmob(bannerAdUnitVar, interstitialAdUnitVar);

//show in ad receive event fun need add receive listener:
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialReceive, onInterstitialReceive, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobBannerDismiss, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobBannerFailedReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobBannerLeaveApplication, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobBannerPresent, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobBannerReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobInterstitialDismiss, function(){
	//You can add any function here.
}, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobInterstitialFailedReceive, function(){
	//You can add any function here.
}, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobInterstitialLeaveApplication, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobInterstitialPresent, function(){
	//You can add any function here.
}, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onAdmobInterstitialReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);

Now, to preload your ads, call “admob.cacheInterstitial();” for Interstitial Ads, then “admob.showInterstitial();” to launch it.

Hope this helps, while we hope Ludei and even CranBerry will ever fix their own AdMob plugins.

I resolved the admob problem by using construct 2 admob plugin but google play services is showing the error (for dependencies as i told in my first post).

Are you able to use cranberry google play services in your game if you dont use admob?

Okay, the error isn’t the same as mine. I’ll have to revisit an old project of mine to tell.

Any suggestion is welcome!

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