API Level 26 obligatory from August


I’m worried if our apps will work on Android 8.0 if we do that. Have your apps been downloaded by 8.0 devices?


I hope Ludei release the update before that. If not, I don’t know what would happen.


My apps work on Android 8.0.0. But I didn’t try to change API level. We are releasing next app soon so I guess I will have to do it if the update won’t be out yet.


@Blue_Sialia - June, July and now in August, what are the plans?


We still wait( API Level 26 obligatory from August!





The silence on this issue is rather concerning.


Dear Cocoon team, please take just a few seconds to confirm us if the platform is already dead or if your are giving to it some support. It should be fine with a few words, like “working on it” or “not working on it anymore”. We have been working during several months or even years and relying on this service, we would appreciate a brief confirmation as soon as you can.

Thank you.


Is there any alternative to coocon?


they’ve update their github repo 10h ago, not really a surprise, but it’s a must.


Common cocoon peoplw dont ruin ur reputation,
several users will agree that Cocoon is the best compiler, dont make us change our minds! :smile:


I think they do not answer, because there is no one to answer, that means the end, I hope not!


With the license money of cocoon buy construct 3. The projects are smaller, and the performance is better …


@admi @Blue_Sialia @imanolm1 if cocoon is over, just tell us… We’ll move on… otherwise, give us a little bit honest confirmation about it’s future…


Common guyz… ofcourse cocoon is not dead, atleast not in near future,
i don’t know whats the reason for why they are not even replying but they have provided us with free services for years, cut them some slack!


He’s watching

ads latest commit 10h ago


Yes they are updating some plugins … but what about cordova latest version support, adding ios 11 sdk, fixing cocoon 2.2.0 sound error, Android api level 26 support ??? It’s getting too late … All we want is some confirmation that it’s coming as soon as possible.


wohoo atleast the ads plugin has been updated!



Hurray!, Can i use this with construct 2? and does admob plugin includes rewarded video ads?
Also i was unable to find the plugin for construct 2 link… can you please provide a link … thanks mate


yes it can be used for C2. I think it is, but there’s no Rewarded video parameter at the CocoonAds plugin yet, maybe next update will be added.
Here it is https://github.com/CocoonIO/cocoon-plugins-c2