API Level 26 obligatory from August


Bro June already ended when you will release api 26 I’m still waiting (


Sorry for the lack of information.

We are preparing an update that will address this issue. We will deploy it as soon as possible.


Roger that! that’s what we need :smile:


you can manually target SDK to 26 in config.xml
it is works!


Can you show a screenshot? Thanks



mintarget sdk 20
target sdk 26

in setting you select target sdk 23 and open config.xml and change to sdk 26. see picture above


You also can find a guide here.



Just a little hack from me : Edit it in confix.xml page! It work for me. It maybe not a true API 26 but it work.


that’s just trick the googleplay sdk check, but not updated the whole sdk, absolutely we need the whole sdk to be updated.



Well, till we expect for the sdk26 compiling solution from cocoon.io, I think that I have found a way to recompile the apk in sdk26.

First of all, you will need those things:

All this tools are free (exept maybe the rubber chicken).

Well. First of all we need to install Easy APK tool , outsign and jarsigner. Then, if you don´t have one, it should be better than you do your own sign for signing your apps.

After that, open the Easy APK tool 1.52.

The program is very simplye to use and user-friendly, so just decompile the apk that cocoon.io gives you and you will find some like that in the decompiled APK folder of the tool:


You can see two out of the three files we need to change: AndroidManifest.XML and apktool.yml… The third one, config.xml, will be in res/xml/

Go to this file, and open it with any web editor:

And put that two higlighted lines below the fullscreen preferences, as penjualide told us several time ago. Save. Shake the rubber chicken when doing it. This is not necessary but will help.

NOTE: The penjualide solution works too before compiling your apk. In this case, the apk we are changing is already compiled, but for security, is not a bad idea to change it here too.

When done, open the AndroidManifest.xml. Search for this expresion:


and change it for


It wasn´t be a bad idea too that you check for android:debuggable=“false” and make sure that is “false”. Otherwise, Google Play store won´t let you upload your app.
Anyway, this don´t exactly makes the trick, but I don´t know which kind of security will have the mobiles when the apk will be installed, so it´s better for me to be sure at all.

Finally, go to apktool.yml and edit it with notepad++:


And in targetSdkVersion change the value for ‘26’. This is, in my experience, what really tells Google Play which is the target SDK version. Of course, I’m talking for the experience of decompiling my own apps. I mean, not to wait for another cocoon.io compilation.

Once done that, throw THREE times the rubber chicken over your head.

And then recompile it (the APK, not the rubber chicken) using APK Easy tool 1.52. The trick is that for compiling and decompilnig, this tool uses APKtool, which always uses the most recent AOSP framework, and in this latest version, uses even almost an Android P framework. This mean that we can, in theory, recompile an old app compiled with an old framework with a a framework that it’s even more that the one Google Play Store will demand since next August.

And then,sign your app using the rest of the tools I´ve told you (or any you want), and upload it to Google Play store.

Hold the rubber chicken while doing it, but it supossed that it wont be any trouble.

I hope this little tutorial will help you.

See you!


According to my antivirus (Bitdefender) Easy APK is infected by a virus …


So we are at the end of july. In a few days we won´t be able to publish in Google Play with Cocoon.

Any news on this?


Yea 2 days left! Let us know if there will be an update or not.


@Blue_Sialia August is knocking at the door … Anything on the UPDATE ??


One day left. Please anser, Cocoon team.


Hi all, please any update @Blue_Sialia, @andy_reitberger?



would be really nice to know if they are working on it or if cocoon died.


Pls Update to API 26. I can’t publish my first game to Google play pls help me pls…


@Blue_Sialia well ???


1 August… hello cocoon…