API Level 26 obligatory from August


For those who are asking if the older cocoon with cordova supports Android 8.0.0, I can confirm it works as I have compiled two projects and have tested it on my device and they run perfectly fine with the older admob plugin.


What do you use now?


another update, but not so sure how much this will take for fully finished.


I tried to create an apk but my phone says that the versions are not compatible


Which version of android are you using?


I’m using version 7.0


Make sure to check that your target sdk is set to 26 in the config.xml when you downgrade cocoon

(preference name=“android-targetSdkVersion” value=“26”/> )

should be shown. Im on android 8.0 so it seems to be fine for me.


I tried and the app worked but I do not go the admod plugins and Cordova unityads in more me from an audio problem after a few minutes


Seems apps started to compile with cocoon.3.0.0-beta however now application is not starting on mobile after installation. Below message “unfortunatly app has stopped”.

This issue appeares even without cocoon ads plugin included.

Tried on android 5 and 7.

Seems something related to canvas+

Does anyone faced this issue?


Last time I tried (5 days ago with the latest version) It worked fine for me no crashes but ive gone and downgraded it to the prior cocoon version until cocoon themselves fix the issues pretaining to cocoon 3.0.0. I recommend downgrading for now and then updating your app to 3.0.0 once cocoon properlly updates the plugin.


C2 cocoon plugin* was updated guys! I’m gonna try it soon

*only the ads


Gone and tried it sadly i still have issues with it on my phone black screen on launch with the cocoon beta version and the new admob plugin


no more update @Blue_Sialia?


but this method is working, is not it?
preference name=“android-targetSdkVersion” value=“26”/>