App cannot sign into Google Services


I am Amit Kar, an Indie Game Developer from Pune working towards my first release on the Google Play. I saw your Youtube video, very nice man! Thanks :smiley: Helped me out a lot.

However, I am stuck and need help direly!

My game Anchored Sins is on Google Play released as a Beta.
I am exporting from Construct 2 with the Cordova format, then using Ludei to get a signed .apk file.

However, my app will not sign into Google Play service and I’m getting this error -

“403. That’s an error.”

Error: disallowed_useragent"

scope= "

Am I getting this error because I’ve used Webview+ on Ludei? As I’ve heard Webview+ is no longer supported by Google for authentication ? Or am I messing up with the Client Id somehow because that is a client ID for android only!

Help in this matter would be much appreciated!!

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