App continues to compile randomly


I am new to this community and to Cocoon. I successfully compiled my Android app, but I am now receiving e-mails from Cocoon indicating that my compilation has finished and to go to the dashboard for results. I have received 30+ e-mails in the last 24 hours. I don’t think this is just an e-mail issue - it appears that Cocoon is actually recompiling the app and sending out these notices randomly (a couple of times an hour).

Can’t find a setting to change this… any ideas?


I think Emails are sending with some delay and that’s why they late.


Thanks for the response norman74rus.

I have only compiled the app 3 times myself, but have received 30 plus notifications that it has been compiled. And it looks like Cocoon has actually compiled it 30 plus times. Thoughts?


Probably just some bug with emails. I don’t think it compiles without your order “Compile please” and clicking on big green button :grinning:
Also I think Ludei should take thought about to make a checkbox “Get compile mails” somewhere in settings.


I recently have worked a lot with cocoon due to my new game. I always just got one mail for each build so far.
Is this issue still happening?



I compiled the app 4 or 5 times in a 48 hour period and received 62 e-mails indicating that the compilation had finished. Fortunately I stopped receiving these e-mails about 24 hours after my last compilation. I was receiving them about every 30 minutes.


Todd Miller


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