App Store Export/ Import - of all your assets


Hi developers,

some time ago I posted two tools for localization and automatization of different AppStoreOptimization topics for android and ios.

Today I would like to show a tool to EXPORT and IMPORT your app store assets from iTunes Connect or Google Play Console.

The “App Store Export / Import” will allows you to export all your app store assets such as texts, URLs and images (Apple App Store only) to a local device.
You can create backups, modifications or localization and re-import your data (including links, texts, titles, images, icons…) to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Export your store texts

  • Export your app store images

  • Save your app data

  • Support all store localizations

  • Import your store texts

  • Import your app store images

  • Modify your data and reimport

You can find further information and the tool itself for free on the following link:


Helpful tool, thanks.