App upgrades from Cocoon to PhoneGap? (Android)


As a workaround, some of us may be looking at possible app upgrades using another service, like PhoneGap or Cordova CLI.

Has anyone had a successful upgrade of the same app from to PhoneGap yet?

For myself, I’m trying to update a (Construct2) Canvas+ Android app to a new version of the same app, compiled with PhoneGap’s default view. The new Phonegap version of the app is fine when installing from scratch, but when updating from a version to a newer app version compiled with PhoneGap, I’m getting “This package conflicts with an existing package by the same name”.

Android OS 7 and higher have the problem specifically. 6 and below don’t seem to have a problem. “id” and “name” tags match.

My real question: Has anyone successfully updated their Android app to a new version created by a different compiler? If so, can you share both config.xml files?


I also use C2 no it does not work I tried … even cocoon plugins go into conflict with phonegap and cordova I tried co cocoon ads and it does not work


Tried admob ads default construct 2


good idea I’ll do a test and for the winning videos do you know anything?


Sorry to hear your app also isn’t functioning correctly on PhoneGap. Are you getting the “App not installed” on upgrade? or

"This package conflicts with an existing package by the same name” ?


no to me it does not give this problem use construct 2?



My apologies if I’ve been unclear. I’m not talking about just building and running an app successfully with PhoneGap that was previously a Cocoon app.

Many of us have Cocoon apps in the play store. We need to now upgrade our apps to a new version (built with Cordova CLI or PhoneGap) without forcing our users to uninstall the current version.

I can build my current Cocoon app in PhoneGap and it runs fine. But I cannot upgrade the existing app to the new Phonegap version. This where there are “App not installed” or "This package conflicts with an existing package by the same name” errors.

In my case, I must deliver a fix to users ASAP because my IAP plugin stopped working for some users around the same time took a big dump on us all.

So, has anyone upgraded a Cocoon app successfully to a newer version that was built with PhoneGap or Cordova CLI? Thanks! -Steve


I can’t update because I don’t remember my sign key I forgot key store and password I can’t update my apps without cocoon too bad cocoon


I think they are incompatible because even to me from the same error … must be something related to the way of compilation different between the two softwere …


I’m sorry to hear that! Damn. Do you have the .keystore file? If you do… and if you might be able to stab at the password, you could run keytool on the file to determine the alias. Then, you have enough going to sign your package again. You need the password from the command line to get the alias, but at least you get to retry the password locally. Search your computer for *.jks or *.keystore.

I resolved the issue I reported in this thread And, although everything is hazy, I believe it was a keystore issue, possibly due to case sensitivity with the alias of the keystore. I would sign the APK in PhoneGap fine, but the upgrade would fart out until I re-entered the alias in PhoneGap, minding case sensitivity, then rebuild.

And, of course, as we developers experience, there’s another problem behind it. The upgrade is successful now, but no user data is preserved. For C2 bretheren, I mean that stuff from the Local Storage plugin is not kept after upgrade. So, I might start a thread now on the Scirra forum for theories why Local Storage stuff is gone when upgrading from from Cocoon to PhoneGap (and also, in my case, from Canvas+ to whatever the default webview for PhoneGap is)

Interesting past several weeks, eh?


Hey, guys!

Since gives no updates I decided to switch to Cordova CLI. I came from Phonegap to, but now I decided to go with CLI to get full control over my builded apps.

I don’t work with Construct 2 anymore, but C3.
To learn the basis, I built an Android app with a basic C3 project (no external plugins, only official behavior plugins) and only official Cordova plugins (minimum required one to run a web app), and it worked really fine.

I built another Cordova projects with some Cocoon plugins and I started to get tons of errors… Mostly because they need to update things on their side…

So, I won’t argue a lot but I suggest you guys switch to Cordova CLI to get more controls over what you’re doing. Ofcourse if you don’t feel comfortable with code, I’d say keep using Phonegap for now.

Also, on a side note… And it might be a bad news for those of you that are concerned but… Do keep your .keystore file used to sign your Android app in a safe place – Well, in multiple save places I’d recommend. Because doesn’t allow you to download it back. It’s actually obivous for security reasons. If you don’t have that keystore file, Google Play won’t allow you to update your apps signed with it. You’ll have to create another app with different app bundle and app name.


What have you been able to do with CLI in your case that you were not able to do with PhoneGap?


i upload 2 games one with phonegap and one with cordova cli and it work. just don’t use cocoon plugins

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