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My IPA is signed with a release distribution certificate etc, when I try to upload with Application Loader I get:

Dear developer,

We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for “Metropix Mobile”. To process your delivery, the following issues must be corrected:

Missing Info.plist key - This app attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain an NSCameraUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.

Though you are not required to fix the following issues, we wanted to make you aware of them:

Missing Push Notification Entitlement - Your app appears to register with the Apple Push Notification service, but the app signature’s entitlements do not include the “aps-environment” entitlement. If your app uses the Apple Push Notification service, make sure your App ID is enabled for Push Notification in the Provisioning Portal, and resubmit after signing your app with a Distribution provisioning profile that includes the “aps-environment” entitlement. Xcode 8 does not automatically copy the aps-environment entitlement from provisioning profiles at build time. This behavior is intentional. To use this entitlement, either enable Push Notifications in the project editor’s Capabilities pane, or manually add the entitlement to your entitlements file. For more information, see

Once the required corrections have been made, you can then redeliver the corrected binary.

The only plugins I have installed are:

Whitelist 1.3.1
Ios latest
Device 1.1.4
Device orientation 1.0.5
Dialogs 1.3.1
File 4.3.1
Legacy whitelist 1.1.2
Network information 1.3.1
Android latest

System Save, Load and local storage do not work after compile with to iOS (webview mode)

Same happens on my end.
It comes up when Canvas+ is selected as WebView Engine.

@andoni.martin @Blue_Sialia any way to get this fixed?

Thank you!


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