Blurry Icon Android

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  • Basic description of the problem:
    so the compilation success, but it was blurry on devices. Im making game using construct 2 phonegap build.

  • Device info:
    Xiaomi Note 3

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. First try im using construct 2 built in image (replacing several icon on folder) result is blurry
  2. Second try im using cocoon automatic icon builder via web app, result is blurry
  • Expected result:
    Something i can do so the icon quality better ?

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  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    Google Play Social
    Facebook Android

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    Construct 2


Hi balipirates,

I am also interested in this that said I think i can at least explain what is going on.
I believe this is something to do with HD resolution android devices where the image needs to be a higher resolution to account for this, otherwise the result is like stretch an image, blurry.

I have managed to get around this by having low detail but clear icons(vector graphics), but any more info on this would be awesome.


hi robin thanks for reply,

what kind of info i can give you ?
i tried with several High Dpi icon (3-5mb size), but seems cocon compressed it to icons he needed.
so this wont make any changes.

Can you please explain how to use vector graphics icon ? is it png ?


i use png and dont have this problem ,
i use only one icon file in 1024x1024 and put in my config.xml

<platform name="android">
	<icon src="res/icon.png"/>

may be you can screenshot so we can see


Hi Balipirates,
png icons are they way to go, by vector I mean shape based icons using something like photoshops shape/pen tool maybe with a gradient with only a few set colours, For example

as mentioned in Androids “Do’s and Don’ts” for Icons the key point is to make sure the icon isn’t too detailed and the icon is not too thin (has weight to it).

Hopefully some of this can help.


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This issue is still a problem.
Even if I upload a png file with 1024x1024 the icon is blurry on each android device.
@Blue_Sialia any chance that you’ll have a look at this?




Any update for this :frowning: Trying the 1024x1024 icon on my Pixel 2 and it is extremely blurry!


@Blue_Sialia any chances to have a look on this matter?
Topic is almost a year old.

Thank you!


I have the same problem. But only on my asus tablet. On my phone (zte) it’s ok. It’s possible that some android devivices resizes wrongly app icon. I tryed to use icons of different resolution but nothing changed. Any new advices?



Could you send me a screenshot of the blurry icon and the image you uploaded to

Also, does your device have a setting to modify the size of the icons (might be in Settings->Display->Advanced)? If so, what is the value of that parameter?



Hello! The first screenshot is my zte - it’s fine, the second - asus phonebook k019. It is blurry. I dont know if uploaded screnshoots reflects the difference, but it sertainly exist.
The last - is the original icon.
On my asus i can see the apk signed file with the same blurry icon. I can change only screen scale of icons (%), however this does not affect its resolution. In display settings there is no additional options.
Thanks to you!


I have a same issue. Waiting for update.


Finally, in my case after the app was put to google play market and installed from it, the problem has gone. Only directly (from created apk) installed app still have this problem


Hi! Thank you so much for your reply, we really appreciate it! Here’s all the data you might need:

  • Name of the app: Super Fudge (available 2017-12-08 11:00PM EST)
  • Screenshot from PIxel 2 XL: link
  • Link of the icon file uploaded to Cocoon: link
  • Cocoon version: Latest
  • Nova Launcher installed on phone with 115% icon scalling

If there is anything you would like to try, I’d be more than happy to test with with our app as quickly as possible! We just published our first game for our million subscribers and we are invested in Cocoon as our platform of choice to develop our mobile games.