Bug report template


In case you need to report a bug, please use the template below, it will help us to find out the problem faster. The more detailed it is, the more it will help us to detect what is causing the bug.

You can attach pictures, links, code or any other resource you find useful.


  • Cocoon Version:
    What Cocoon version are you using to compile (i.e. 1.0.0).

  • Basic description of the problem:
    Describe what is the issue.

  • Device info:
    Model, OS version,…

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. First step
  2. Second step
  • Expected result:
    What’s the expected result.

  • Error log
    Relevant error log part or you can attache the log file in case is too big

  • Testcase:
    Attach a compressed test case to reproduce the issue.

  • Other information:
    Any other information that you feel is relevant.

  • Webview engine(s):
    Webview engine that you are using

  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    Any relevant plugins that you are using

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    The Framework that you are using

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