Can i use Cocoon Plugins with Cocoon Webview compiler?


I am using construct 2 and Cocoon webview for compilation as Canvas plus do not support webRTC and i need it for construct 2 multiplayer,
Well my problem is that i want to use cocoon plugins like “cocoon native share plugin” in construct 2 and to compile it with cocoon webview with “Native Share Plugin” installed, but its not working!
Does Cocoon Plugins works only with canvas + then?
If they could work with webview then please help me with where am i going wrong?
Thank you
Please help me…


@andy_reitberger Please help!!!


Use can use : snapshot of canvas and then–> on canvas snapshot Condition put event: Native share of cocoon. At fill Image of Native share add the line: CanvasSnapshot

Hope it will help you,


hi @monaco11001
thanks for the advise ,
are you sure that all cocoon plugins will work with webview compiler?
as what i really want is to use cocoon facebook plugin with construct 2 and compile it with cocoon webview…


Hi @shubhamrathi61195

You can use all Cocoon plugins also in WebView, excepted the “CocoonCanvasPlus” plugin, what should be obviously :wink:



Thanks a lot @andy_reitberger
The only thing I want to know now is that
whether there is a way to know about Fb user id of the user playing my game as it is not provided in the plugin ?
here …


Not with the Cocoon Facebook plugin. It’s currently a missing feature.
However @cranberryga CordovaFacebook plugin do offer this.

You can use this pluign for now. Maybe some day those plugins get updated (hopefully for Construct 3 as well).
Otherwise I would recommend you the Construct 3 native built service.



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