Cannot downgrade to basic from silver


I cannot downgrade to basic from silver when I go to the pricing page I see no option to downgrade my membership. Can anyone help?


you must visit the pricing page from your account (while logged in). Just go to, login and then click on the “Pricing Tag” in the header menu.

If this still doesn’t work, let us know.



I tried that but it doesnt give the option to downgrade It just shows this page


It seems that you haven’t the silver plan yet.
Did you just purchase it?
If so, I guess it must run at least 1 month till you can downgrade.

@Blue_Sialia any thoughts on that?



Yes I did purchase it CocoonIO took $14 from my paypal account when I paid for it


in this case just remove your payment information from your account.
Then now more payments are made.

Just go here:



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