Can't download the compiled file



I’m trying to export my Construct 2 project to apk using but it seems impossible to download the compiled file due to the slow and un-resumable link !!! it keeps downloading from the beginning every time I try !

What can I do ???

Thanks in advance


Hello, @STAR,

We had a burst of compilations and downloads in our platform. Is this issue still going on?



I finally managed to download the compiled zip file after failing many times but the thing is I still have the same issue… I mean there’s no download resume or any info regarding the file size…

I uploaded a 5 mb project and I ended up with 44 mb. I extracted the zip file and I noticed that there is one extra version attached to the project… android-armv7-debug & android-armv7-release-unsigned…

why would I have these two extra versions and what are they good for ??
is there any option to remove them ???



The different apk files you get are not something special we made, they are related to Android. Let me explain.

Before you compile for Android in our cloud you can add an Android key. That changes a little the apks you get.

  • If you don’t add a key, you’ll get four apk files: two for x86 Android systems and two for armv7 Android systems (most of the times the device is armv7). Those two files for each system are: an unsigned apk, which can’t be installed (you have to sign it previously) and a debug apk (it is signed with a debug key); use the debug apk for testing.
  • If you add a key, you’ll get two apk files: a signed with the key you provided apk for each system.

Also, you can use the DevApp. With it you compile the project using your device and test it right in that moment.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info… but how am I supposed to sign the apk before compiling ? couldn’t find any options in

and as for the last question which one the items below is the best export option for the android in construct 2:

  1. HTML5
  2. Cordova
  3. CacconJS


I finally managed to sign the apk but still have the export issue. I exported the c2 project using HTML5 , zipped it and finally uploaded to . I made no specific changes to the settings and compiled it. but when I tested the signed file on my android device, the screen size won’t fit and it keeps blinking. I have no idea what is the best export option for android.


You don’t sign the project before uploading it. You upload it, and if you give a signing key we use it to sign the project after we compile it.

About the export option, you have to use the option Cordova.



January 2017 : It is still going. I have been observing that for a month now. If you do not download within 5 minutes you have to do it again.



Having problem trying to download the compiled file… Tried over 10 times and it only load a couple of mb…
This is probably to force us to buy a premium license… but I cannot even test it first. gonna try again tomorrow…