Canvas + doesn't work. Only WebView+ (Construct2)


My game won’t load when compiled in Canvas plus. New Plugin is installed in Construct 2. Game loads in many small screens and nothing works, can’t click.
But WebView Plus works nice but WebGL are sometimes doesn’t work.
Any ideas?
Thanks much


Please always fill out the report template coming along with this category.
Otherwise nobody can help you.
Also provide a capx example.
Basically CanvasPlus is working. At least for my games.



Hey Andy thanks for reply.
“report template” - wtf is this ?!! ?
Ok, but how You chosing orientation od screen. I have Landscape and it’s works on WebView. i think problem is on Cocon io, maybe on settings I making. No idea what is wrong.


When you post in this category, you will get a template at the forum post with some questions.
You probably deleted it and wrote your text.
I can’t help you with the information you’ve provided.
Just post a new topic with your issue in the Problems & Troubleshooting category and fill out the template coming along with it.

I’ll close this one.