Canvas+ Native Screenshot Share Extension


#Native Screenshot Share Extension

I would like to introduce a small extension which enables you to take and share screenshots natively
in a very simple way. Does only work for Canvas+ at the moment. Credit goes to Blue_Sialia and HaNdTriX


  1. Add the Native Share plugin to your project cocoon-native-share-plugin
  2. Include cocoon_screenshot.js in your Canvas+ index.html
    You can find the source on github cocoon-screenshot-share


To take and share a screenshot in the Canvas+ environment, use:

Cocoon.Screenshot.share('Look at my Screenshot!', function() { 

  //Callback on completion
} );

If you want to use it in the webView of Canvas+ use:

Cocoon.App.forward("Cocoon.Screenshot.share('Look at my screenshot!', function() { //Callback on completion } );");

Have fun :slightly_smiling: