Canvas+ TiledBackground Bug

  • Cocoon Version:
    Latest (2.2.0)

  • Basic description of the problem:
    TiledBackground showing squares. Looks like have edges. (Grids)

  • Device info:
    -Samsung Galaxy J5
    -NoxApp Emulator [Android 4.4.2]

  • Expected result:
    Without squares. Looks like green colored sprite.

  • Testcase:
    TiledBG_Canvas .zip (172.7 KB)

  • Webview engine(s):
    Webview+ working fine but Canvas+ showing squares.

  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    *TiledBacground (Official)

  • Framework/game engine (if relevant):
    Construct 2 r254


About New Cocoon Update

I have found two solution for this.

1.) Disable WebGL.
2.) Enable NPOT

Currently no option for enable NPOT. You should add feature in Construct 2 canvas plugin We can set on-off in developer app only.

Also, It is not enable.

Cocoon 2.2.0 - V8 Update is here!
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