Cloud Saves with Canvas+


Hey all, I’m wondering if anyone has a good way to approach this issue. Canvas+ doesn’t support websockets, which stop firebase from working. Is anyone familiar with cordova adaptations of firebase and if they still rely websockets?

What is a possible way to create cloud saves on android apps if Canvas+ doesn’t support most web technology? Ideally something I can integrate into C2, but would definilty like to hear all experiences trying to address this issue. Thanks.


canvas+ supports websocket … The problem with firebase is, it embeds iframes to the body and canvas+ does not support that (No DOM) … Use webview+ if possible…


Oh I wasn’t aware, thanks. Unfortunately webview+ isn’t an option for me because the performance is terrible, so I’m hoping there’s an alternative service to firebase with easy integration. Additionally, I may be willing to pay a developer.


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