Cocoon 2.2.0. sound error construct 2


The games compiled with the previous version (which work perfectly), with the version 2.2.0 are left without sound…

Audio suddenly stops!
Construct 2 Audio Game
About New Cocoon Update

Wow! same with me, its just work good when starting the game, but in middle maybe for 3 or 4 minutes, the audio gone, all gone!, even changing to another layout that trigger music/sound still doesnt played, and I restart the game the audio was playing but still doing same problem as I said.


Same issue on my end.
@imanolm1 any idea what this could cause?



I created a test application where there was only a looped sound and single audio playback with playback every 0.1 second.
I tried different compilations. (Webview, Webview +, Canvas +)
This problem is only on the Canvas + latest version.
The sound disappears at approximately 250-260 playback.

Sorry for my English.
I hope this information will help someone.

On the version of Canvas + 2.1.0 everything works correctly!

Use Cocoon version: 2.1.0

on this versin work!


It’s a shame not to be able to use the 2.2.0 version;(


I change to using cocoon version:2.1.0 it’s ok for my project. If using cocoon version:2.2.0–> sound is silent after 2 minutes play game or change to layout. Project export by construct 2 r250


i can confirm no audio also in cocoon version:2.2.0


Yes this is a known issue in 2.2.0
@Blue_Sialia @imanolm1 Any ETA for addressing this? For now, switching back to 2.1.0 solves the problem.




Just tried 2.1.0 and there also no sounds are being played.
Has anyone also tried 2.1.0?



On my project using 2.1.0 does not have sound problem.


Thanks for the update, maybe it’s a issue in my project.
What Construct 2 version do you use?


2.1.0 is ok sound playing ok


I’m using construct 2 version: r252


Is there a fix for this scheduled any time soon?

I’m having issues with 2.1.0 & the latest. I am using C2 252 and not getting any sound


Hi Andy,

Did you ever discover the reason it wasn’t working with the rolled back version for yourself?



Hi Guys,

Sorry to bump. It just seems that some people have found work arounds for this problem yet I can’t seem to get the same results.

Any updates or work arounds people could share?



I personally only have the sound problems on a specific cocoon project. For my other project sounds are working fine while using 2.2.0.

I’m not sure yet what the sound issue is causing on my first project. The code for the sound is the same in both projects…I also figured out when I switch to WebView+ sounds are working also at the first project.

I’ll keep you posted.


I finally found my bug causing no sound to be played.
I had an abandoned code in my game setting audio to “silent” when advanced audio is not supported.
This caused that no sounds are be played.

Now it’s working fine in v2.1.0 and v2.2.0! So if you are still facing any sound problems, it might be a project setting or some wrong code.



Hello Andy,

I don’t understand what you mean. I use Construct 2 and I came here to see if there any solution to the audio problem with cocoon.

I’m like Samuel, having issues even with cocoon 2.1.0.


Then it’s probably a problem in your project.
Sounds are working fine for v2.1.0 and for v2.2.0.

I also had a bug in my code causing a “no sound” issue.
You can provide a test case and I’ll check it if you want me to.