Cocoon acquittal


Cocoon is just terrible service. There is no support. And the question that people have to pay? Plugins for Construct 2 don’t work, the compiler Dev App doesn’t work, IAP is not working, nothing at all works!
Pathetic lazy people who sit and nothing to do…
It’s terrible, you should be ashamed!


Согласен с тобой, поначалу думал что все круто, но после первого месяца снятия денег с карты сервис снимает последующие месяца без твоего согласия деньги с карты. 1) Я думал что сейчас удалю свои данные карты, но тут столкнулся с неудачей: их просто нельзя удалить. 2) Поразмыслив думал стереть к чертовой матери аккаунт с этого несносного сервиса: кнопка “удалить аккаунт” есть, но самый прикол в том что она заблокирована и ее просто нельзя нажать. За такие непонятные приколы от сайта с ними можно судиться и отжать очень приличную сумму денег. Совет переходи на сервис Phonegap я его сейчас использую вообще с Construct 3 идет только в путь.


Not sure why @ERAgames posted in Russian, but here’s the translation:

I agree with you, at first I thought that everything was cool, but after the first month of withdrawing money from the card, the service removes the following months without your consent money from the card. 1) I thought that now I will delete my data card, but here I faced a failure: they simply can not be deleted. 2) After thinking about thinking about wiping to hell with an account with this unbearable service: the “delete account” button is there, but the most joke is that it’s locked and you can not just press it. For such incomprehensible jokes from the site with them you can sue and squeeze a very decent amount of money. Tip switch to the service Phonegap I’m using it now at all with Construct 3 is just going.

Customer support is pretty much non-existent for Cocoon. And their transparency… same thing. I never know what’s going on with them. And bugs tend to not get fixed and features tend to not get added.

That said, the service itself is still awesome. I hope for it to be around for a long time. I really do. I’d be very sad if Cocoon died.


Expecting the developer app, all is working. I’m using C2 to build my games and all Cocoon C2 plugins are working as they should. So do Ads, IAP and Leaderboards.
However I agree with the lack of the support by the Ludei employees.



My two cents: The C2 plugins do not support much functionality so they are quite useless.
To say they are working: well yes, you can post your score and fetch your own score, but no one elses scores… nice plugin… totally useless!

But to just compile an app works fine


All plugins are open source, if you feel that they are missing features, just add them.

Every contribution is welcome.



Hmm… Very good position…
Here you are running plugins, and finish yourself…


Plugin development is a huge project. I’m not a JS developer, so I’m glad that they offer those plugins for FREE! Also they released the source code on github to allow JS developers to add features and submit fixes.

If you are not satisfied with the actions / events covered in the plugin, ask kindly @mortimergoro or add them. Complaining about this doesn’t help much. You also can hire @reenomt for instance, he is JS developer.



The plugin initially did not work.
Plugin Share works, IAP is not working properly in IOS, plugin ads, with Google Play Service also has problems.
Why make such a plugin, if they don’t work?


Like I wrote before, all plugins are working fine. At least for me. So they also should for you.
I’m using Ads, Inapp and leaderboard on both, android and ios for all my games.

About the sharing plugin, I never have used it, so I can’t say anything about this plugin.



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