Cocoon ads it doesn't work


When I add cocoon ads plugin on construct 2 and export it (android/canvas+), showing black screen but when remove the plugin from construct 2 it works without any problem, i tried it with more than one game.

also i use this plugin on cocoon :-
AdMob native Ads for Android

WebGl : on
Physics Engine: Box2d Web
Minify script : checked


I had the same problem, so i just copied example project from cocoon plugins (basically reworked it) and it worked :smile:


404 page not found,
How can i find it ?


This is probably the problem :wink: Just uncheck Minifing when building for Cocoon.



@andy_reitberger Now it works fine, but ads doesn’t show


For this provide a test case, please.



How to provide it ?


You simply can upload it to the post, or send it in a private message to me.



The only ad working is Admob :slight_smile:


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