Cocoon and in app Google purchase


I have a problem with in app purchase in Cocoon ( I have have a game in alpha phase, with implemented billing system. Everything works correctly except checking if product is purchased. It always return false, even if product was purchased before. Example from docs inAppsService.isPurchased(productId) Did someone have similar problem? Is there any limitation in billing system in alpha / beta testing?


when you say “It always return false, even if product was purchased before” looks to me like you can get purchased once… if that is the case you need to add another command to allow players who purchased once, purchases one more time …

read the section:
Consume product (Android only)

In Android you have to call this method so the store knows that the user has consumed this consumable otherwise the Android store won’t let you purchase that product id again

anyway it would be usefull if you show us the log error from the developer app


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