Cocoon Beta Update - Splashes and NPM Plugins


We are back again with a bunch of updates and fixes, check them out!


  • Splashes: We have added support for adding a custom splash to your project. You can add a default splash and override it for each platform. We have added a few parameters that you can set: scale mode, padding, background color and a delay. We have also added a preview. You can even see how it will look in a specific device resolution using the device simulator. We think this will save you some precious time of creating and setting up splashes. Just upload an image and generate your splashes for any device automatically. In iOS this image will also be the launch image.

We hope you find it useful!
  • Plugins migration: Cordova is migrating their plugin registry from the Cordova Registry to NPM. The plugins in the Cordova Registry were starting to be a bit outpdated so we have decided to migrate our plugins and the Cocoon Cloud plugins UI to NPM. Now everytime you add a Core or Cocoon plugin or when you look for plugins using the Cocoon cloud Plugins UI, you will get the latest NPM available plugins.

Remember that you can use any Cordova plugin in the Cocoon Cloud.

  • Plugins documentation: Some of you were asking us where could you find the documentation for the plugins you discover throught the Cocoon Cloud Plugins UI. To make this task easier, we have added a link in the Plugins UI. Now if the plugin has documentation you will see an “Available” link that will lead you to the plugin documentation directly.

Hope that helps to make the plugins integration even easier!

  • Smaller Developer App: Some of you asked us if we can reduce the Developer App size to upload to the stores when making tests (ie. Uploading to the PlayStore to test InApp Purchases). Now the Developer Apps generated in the Cocoon Cloud will not include the app source code so the size will be smaller.

Bug Fixes

  • **Amazon AppStore Android Plugin:**A NumberFormatException in the fetchProducts method has been fixed and the plugin has been updated to the Amazon SDK 2.0.

  • Google Play Store Android Plugin: “skusBundle array associated with key ITEM_ID_LIST cannot contain more than 20 items” issue has been fixed.

  • Cordova File-Transfer Plugin: We have fixed a bug in Canvas+ that prevented the file-transfer plugin from working properly in Canvas+ iOS and Android.

  • Canvas+ sleep prevention: Now when compiling with Canvas+ Android, your app won’t sleep and shut down the screen.

So that’s all for the moment, hope you enjoy this new features!

Thanks for using Cocoon!

The Cocoon Team


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Is there already a schedule when we can add more than 2 projects and what it will cost if it is an upgrade?
Looking forward to move all my games to cocoonIO :wink:



We are already integrating the pricing plans. It won’t take long :smile:



Is there a way to make it so the Splash Logo stays on until the game is fully loaded? I’m having an issue where the Splash Logo disappears and then it stays black until the game loads up. It stays black longer on older/slower devices.

On a side note, any way to add custom “Exit” pop-ups? Right now I cannot seem to get my back button to work properly. The “Browser” > “Close Browser” option in Construct 2 does not seem to close the game or give an option to close. Am I missing something on that? But anyway’s back to the main point, adding an option for a custom “Are you sure you want to exit? Yes/Cancel” logo pop-up would be a nice feature to add to the New Cocoon.IO Beta GUI.


In this case yo cannot use the Browser Close function. You must install the Canvas+ Plugin for Construct 2.
You can download the plugins here:

Then you can use following action to close the game.

But note, the Construct 2 Desktop preview will not work any longer. Just compile a developer app in to test your app then.



No, the user splash is only shown the amount of time you specify in the splash settings. Three seconds for a user splash is more than enough. As stated here loader layouts doesn’t work for Canvas+ but maybe the Construct 2 community has some other workaround for this case. Maybe you can find more info about that in the Construct 2 forums.


Hi guys! Just a little question. “Canvas+ sleep prevention” is a great thing, but where can I find ability to cancel this option. Because sometime it’s a very annoying, if you forget to close your app that thing just a drown your battery :confused:
Sorry if I missed something…


Sorry there is no option to cancel it at the moment it is inside canvas+ as it the logical behaviour for games that is what canvas+ mostly used for. It is very annoying to be playing to a game and the screen goes off if you don’t interact for 5 secs (depending on the system config). Sorry but there are not plans for that to change in the near future.


[quote=“imanolm1, post:8, topic:182”]
It is very annoying to be playing to a game and the screen goes off if you don’t interact for 5 secs
[/quote] Ok it’s obvious. But i mean something else. The regular thing, “goes off your screen” if you don’t interact for some logical (defined on your phone etc) time period. Like in most app, in addition this point works perfect in cordova apps built on Intel XDK.

Anyway thanks for fast replay.


Not sure if I understand your problem. If you are using other environment like the System Webview or Webview+ that setting is not enabled and the behaviour is the default system behaviour. This is enabled only for Canvas+.