Cocoon Construct 3 plugins


Do you know if by chance Ludei released or intends to release plugins for Construct 3?


Not sure about that I’ve always used C2 cause i feel it is still far better then C3 as they havent even made a proper Android exporter for C3 lol… and has more third party support.

You can see if you can somehow place the plugins in C3. Im not to familiar on C3 myself


I currently use C2 … I wanted to see if C3 had better performance …


Performance wise I dont think its that major to be honest. They didnt really change anything in C3 besides make it accessible via browsers lol… I have games that go upto 75mb of ram and run perfectly fine with cocoon canvas+ its all about optimizing everything really.

The android exporter for C3 i hear is buggy as hell as well and the built in ads plugin doesnt even run properlly which is pretty sad reason why im sticking to C2 for now till more things are fully running


it’s true and then C3 does not have all the C2 plugins yet … it’s better to continue using C2 until it becomes obsolete


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