Cocoon does not compile

today is all day that I try to compile with Cocoon. When I touch the chaste compile I see the gray android logo that says waiting but without giving any result it happens to you so?

Cattura does it remain that way without giving any sign to you?

i have the same problem but it give me in the end an error ( null )

yeah its the same here, is the service down? , never get an error btw already waited a few hours and retried it some time

I’ve been unable to compile the file all day it is written after 3 hours of waiting

I think cocoon is down

yeah i think so i try to use phonegap but most of plugins not work with it or you need to do many tricks to make them work

Same on my end, seems that the server is not responding.
Hopefully it gets fixed soon!


I tried again now but nothing is not working right hopefully they do not abandon cocoon in this way

Andy if I use phonegap do the cocoon plugins work on it? the canvas + and cocoon ads plugin?

Hi @andy_reitberger

I thought you’re in touch with @Blue_Sialia and Cocoon developer team… You must be able to tell us what’s going on exactly… Have they decided to shut cocoon down? No response or fix since 3 months now. Please guide us! Thank you!

(You can message me if you don’t want to disclose anything here, I won’t say a word, I swear) :stuck_out_tongue:

yes but if the cocoon team wants to interrupt Cocoon I want my money back!

usually this doesn’t take longtime to fix it, idk why they’re so slow now

does the cocoon ads plugin work in phonegap?

Hi for all, y has compiled with phonegap, and its cool, the result is:

if someone need help , tell me

Hey @diyo_games Thanks,

Maybe you can help me and a lot of other users here. I use Construct 2, and I’m confused on the alternatives for the following plugins that I used for Cocoon, and now I’m trying build through Phonegap.

Which C2 plugin should I use for:

cocoon_share plugin (To pop-up native Share option)
cocoon Google Play Games (can I now use the official C2 Google Play Games?)
Cocoon Ads ? (What do you suggest for Ads, especially Rewarded Videos)

Your input will really help everyone! Thank you!

m.hasan shariq i don’t think cocoon plugins will work with phonegap especially canvas+, for ads i use enhance i don’t know if they are legit or not but i just forced to try them service

Hola, for ads, with video rewarded :

for share

an im not use google play games.

also im not work with construct, i do not know how compile, but is is necesary, i can help via teamviewer.

With phonegap the signatures are also uploaded, in addition they must be unlocked, apparently every so often.

I use Construct 2 I tried with the plugin cranberrygame Cordova admob but it does not work … and when I put the enhance plugin does not open the app … what do you recommend for ads?

i use it and i tested the app in bluestacks and all work fine you need to add this code in your config.xml then add some codes for phonegap in config.xml: ( i upload an attachement that contain the codes )
and in construct 2 you need to add condition and action about enhanced ads as you like
then go to enhance and enhance your app then download it.
its too simple broCodes For Config.xml File - (640 Bytes)