Cocoon does not compile


@Blue_Sialia @imanolm1 Maybe restart is all it needs? Please look into it, we need to compile our games.


so the admob plugin Cordova works I have to enter this code that you gave me to make it work?


It’s been almost 24 hours and nothing is compiling.


damn though I have to fill out my game and I have lost paid to use this service for nothing!


no you need to use enhance plugin not cordova admob . and my advice for everyone is to try to learn how to code or at least use unity. because when you rely to services out of your control like that . and the service stop working or down . all your works will ruined and if you have many games you need a hard work and efforts to update all of them .


Hi @m.hasan.shariq

Yes I’m in contact with the Ludei team. And they are still their trying their best to fix problems.
And believe me, it’s a not easy to find and fix bugs in such a complex system.

So all we can do is wait, but be sure, ludei is not dead yet :slight_smile:
@Blue_Sialia notified me of the construct 2 cocoon ads update. It’s now in line with GDPR.
When the broken “Native Ads for Android” plugin is fix, all should be working fine again.

If this is the case, I’ll provide new, free templates for the usage of the new plugin. As well as an updated documentation.



I have the same issue

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