Cocoon IAP Plugin


Hello all, i am new here. Just wanted to ask, does the cocoon IAP plugin requires the in-app billing key, or its only required for verification purpose ?


the cocoon inapp plugin does add the billing permission to your app.
There is no need to add a key, at least when you are using Construct 2 :wink:



Hi Andy,

In Construct 2, does the IAP plugin require any information (in the software) ?
Because When I try to launch APK in Android developer Console, they ask about permission…

Any Idea ?


Hi @fanswerin
As long as you have added the CocoonIAP plugin to Construct 2 and the counterpart in your cocoon project, it should work without any additional information.

What does the “ask for permission” look like? can you post a screenshot?



Thanks for your reply…

About the screenshot (I speak french and my console is it in french :roll_eyes:)

I’m trying another solution (ATP-inapps)


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