Cocoon is pixelating my game


Hello. I am using Phaser as my game framework and I’m creating a bitmap data object which creates a second canvas that you can draw to. It doesn’t matter which shape I draw, whether it would be a line or a circle. It comes out all weird and pixelated when using Cocoon. I have a side by side comparison using chrome and then using Cocoon running canvas+. Here is Chrome: And here is Cocoon:
This is really frustrating and has taken me hours to finally find out that it is Cocoon causing this. Anyone, please help.


I have found out that with just creating a plain canvas element and drawing a circle to it still recreates the jaggedness. Does Canvas+ not support anti-aliasing?


No anti aliasing on cocoon. The best to do is to create a x10 canvas and stretch it to normal size


That would cause horrific performance issues! The reason I’m using canvas+ is for performance. I might as well just use webview+. If you look in the developer app there is a path render quality option. It is set to the worst quality. Changing the setting does nothing but that’s what is causing this. Loading an image onto the canvas looks fine and antialiased. It’s only when you draw “paths”.


May be you Can use cache ?


Are you able to elaborate?


Create a circle in a canvas , stretch it , then draw it to your render canvas like an image instead of circle


That could work! I’d load a second canvas into the hidden webview and draw a circle, and then draw that to the main canvas. Thank you.


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