COCOON not work


cocoon doesn’t compile my project… the android Icon is locked on the text “Android Waiting”… Do you have this problem or similar? The server not work? HELP ME please


yes it does not work to anyone is a problem present for 48 hours and the assistance is not even heard


Same issue as well… been wondering what was happening -_-


Same problem for last few days, but for me it always compiles after hour or so.


The problem persist… no comment
Do you have info or news of that happen?


it does not work for me yet


same for me… damnn


what makes me angry is that the cocoon team is really non-existent, has not issued any statement!


I’ve tried posting on their FB page too to try and get any Cocoon staff interested in responding to these issues, I’m not holding my breath though.


I had tried for private message but nothing did not even see it


That’s an horrible situation!


We tried in every way to fix it in this period … with various patches here and there but this thing we can not even solve it in the community must necessarily intervene the team … but at least do as Intel xdk that declare that it will not be more usable here invice nothing … Anyway I tried in vain to write to admin today but I do not think I will receive answers …


Same problem here. The service is dead. How can the whole service be down for 4 full days without a single response from the Cocoon team???

My company will not be renewing our paid subscription this year. This is preposterous.