CocoonShare crashing the app (Webview & Webview Plus) Construct2 Project

  • Cocoon Version:
    (i.e. 1:10:00)

  • CocoonShare crashing the app by clicking the share button(Webview & Webview Plus):
    I have added CocoonShare plugin in my construct2 project and I have added the action to open the native share using the CocoonShare plugin and after building an Apk in webview and webview plus and when I clicked on the share button the app crashes

  • One Plus 5T:
    ONEPLUS A5010, OxygenOs version 5.0.4, Android version 8.0.0

  • Steps will reproduce the problem:

  1. Add event On touched object(Share Button) and Action for touching the share button
  2. Add Action for touching the share button-Set global variable share to 1
  3. Add event Global variable share is 1
  4. Take canvas snapshot Image-PNG and quality 75
    5.Add event On canvas snapshot and global variable is 1
    6.Add Action set global variable snapshot(TEXT) to CanvasSnapshot(the image which is shot on above action) and cocoon native sare in the text field “My hi_score”&Hi_Score in the Image fiels snapshot
    7.Added CocoonShare plugin in and build for webview and also for webview plus
    8.Installed the signed Apk from Play store after uploading it and the clicked on share button
  • The App craches:
    The expected result is to open the native share on device

  • Webview Engines:
    Webview and webview plus

  • Plugins Used:


I think I have the same problem as you, But with all cocoon plugins (CocoonAds, Cocoon Canvas+ etc.). When I start my game, there is only black screen. I think, it’s a bug of construct 2, because, my friend, who has older version of c2, has no problems with the plugins.


Is it?I was thinking its happening only to me.Yes, you are right when the construct2 project is compiled to canvas Plus its showing black screen.and I have stuck to webview and webview plus.I could not get the app permissions on the launch of the game like media permissions, internet access permissions, and My project needs internet access and vibration permissions If you have a fix for this please do help Me
Thank You.


the plugins are working fine. I’m using the latest Version of Construct 2 (beta) and it’s working fine.
Maybe it’s a miss-configuration in c2 or cocoon, or both.

you can provide a test case where the issue happens.



Thank You for the info :smiley:.
Is all the Android permissions also working in webview and webview plus?


Can’t say that sorry, I’m always using Canvas+. And there it’s working fine.
For your problem, can you share a test case where the crash happens?



Thank You @andy_reitberger
Again canvas plus compilation is showing a black screen.Could You please tell me how to setup construct2 project in order to work properly?


You’re welcome. Sure you find all you need here.

Also make sure to install all used construct 2 plugins (cocoon) also in your Cocoon project.
You find a full guide here.



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