Compiled app is crushing after start on Devices


Application (both release and debug ) compiled with cocoon.3.0.0-beta without ads plugin is crushing on Android devices. After starting app on device following message is displayed “Unfortunately [app name] has stopped”

There is no any error message even on debug application so it’s quite difficult to figure our the reason of such failure.

Does anyone faced this issue or is there any clues on what could be the reason ?
Please also advice some ways to troubleshoot and debug this issue.

I am trying to compile construct 2 project.


I do not want the app if I put the cocoon ads plugin


Yup, on some devices I have the same issue. Did you try compiling different settings and comparing the results, like using Webview, Webview+ and Canvas+?

For me, Webview displays a black screen on Samsung Galaxy S8 and J7, but works fine on Motorollas G5 / SSGS5. Webview + is unable to compile and Canvas + does not work on devices with lower specs.

Good luck on your tests. Cocoon has left us with no support.


it compiles with Webview and Webview+ however works terribly slow on device.
It takes ages to see some action on screen.


Yes, apps compiled using Canvas+ on Cocoon 3.0.0-beta don’t work on Android devices at all. There is some internal error with splash screen. I don’t know about any fix except waiting for them to fix it.


instead the app with the plugins of the previous versions work?


I tried compiling empty index.html file using Canvas+ on Cocoon 3.0.0-beta and it crashes. Previous Cocoon versions work fine.

I am using ads, notifications and in app purchases in our game so I have to use previous version of Cocoon anyway.


ok I try with the 2.1.0 what do you say?


Try 2.1.0 or 2.2.0 and this is for ads in config.xml
<plugin name="cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob" spec="^1.0.0"/>


I also have the updated cocoon plugins still work this version?


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