Compiler error :(


"Error extracting the zip contents. Check that your zip file is valid and filenames does not contain foreign characters


No log available"

I have tried with different projects and in all I mark the same error, I do not know what the problem may be, I use “Construct2” but also I already did it from different versions of construct 2 and it still appears that error I do not know, I leave a picture what contains the zip, I hope they can help me or if they could tell me what are considered invalid characters

imagen 1


Try to use “WinRar” for your zip file creation.
Then it should work (if you have no invalid chars used in your object names).



Same error. Currently no solution.
Winrar…windows zip tool…doen’t matter
@cuentato10dg could you find a solution


It works fine for me. What cocoon version have you selected at your Cocoon project?
I’m using “latest” which should be “2.1.0”.



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