Compiler spits out .xcrchive and not .ipa



I have a game created with Cocoon 1-2 years ago and before it used to compile to .ipa for iOS.

Now I had to regenerate my new certificate and Povisioning Profiles as they had expired and CocoonJS was refusing even to compile it.

Now, after enteiring the new signing keys it does compile, but only to .xcarchive.

I lost a whole day trying to build the .xcarchive to .ipa, it says missing Provisioning profile.

On the CoocoonJS profile I have uploaded: my p.12 certificate extracted from the .cer certificate for iOS distribition using which is created my provisioning profile, plus the provisioning profile itself. I am entering a random password in CooconJS when prompted to do so.

Am I missing something?


To produce ipa you have to upload your signing keys for ios


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