Constrcut 2 black screen after loading


So since cocoon is not working I’m using phonegap and cordova but I get this problem … the first two layouts are loaded then as soon as you start the layout of the game menu a black screen appears … but the game continues to work in fact you hear also the game sound but the whole is covered by a black screen … I noticed that it happens only if I export the app from c2 while on c3 not from this problem … you know what it can be?


Have you checked this…?


no it’s not the same problem. here comes the black screen but the game works the same … but you do not see the layouts because they are covered by this black screen


i think i have encountered this issue before but i can’t recall what was the solution,also it was with cocoon and not phonegap,i think you should search phonegap forums for this…


do you have any idea on how I can search? because I can not find anything about it … and anyway I noticed that it also happens with C3 on phonegap while on cordova but I have found another problem … that wrapped do not compose some layouts or become black … you know what it can be?


I noticed that for now the problem of the black screen is collected on this phone handset oukitel k3 with Android 7.0… What can cause this problem?.. while in the oukitel mix 2 no problem and the version of android is the same


Sorry i dont use phonegap ever so have no idea


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