Construct 2 and Admob Ads


Hi @jook00

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: yes that’s the fix :slight_smile: but it has been migrated in Github already, so if you download it from github, then it will work :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any troubles :slight_smile:



Works perfectly! Thanks!
Now i’m trying to move onto inapp purchases to unlock ads. Is there more documentation for that than this one here:


Awesome :slight_smile: I’m currently working on an InApp Store Template using the CocoonInApp plugin for c2. If you want I can send you a beta tester link when I’m back home.
So you can test it live. When it’s working I will write a doc file for that. Moreover I’ll release the template on Scirra then :wink:

Would appreciate your feedback! So just send me PM if you are intressted :wink:



Please can you give me an screenshot of the events ?
One more question ? I am compiling as WebView+ and no ads are showing ? Is that a problem ? When I use Canvas+ I get black screen!


Pode me mandar print plz?


Please stick to english!
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hello the cocoon ads plugin was work great. but now it not work anymore ads not showing and also i get a javascript error when i preview the game in my browser. any solution please ?


The js error at the Browser preview is normal, it’s just an uncaught exception. Running on a mobile this will not happen.
To avoid the errors in preview, just add the condition “System -> Is on platform [Cordova]” to every action / event from the CocoonAds plugin.



hi and thanks for the answer yeah i try that also i wrap the game in then run the game in bluestacks. but the game not showing ads ( because the inter and banner not loaded in the start of layout ) if i do this event i get error in browser and also in bluestacks ( the game crashed ) before i was doing the same steps and ads show up normally.
also i put action of ads in end of every stage like that ( if stage complete or time out → show inters ) and i get error and crashes in mobile in the same activity.


@test2015nice Can I ask are you using canvas+ or webview+?
Also how do your events look to display ads?


For me CocoonAds doesnt seem to preload an ad. For testing I have events to say: on touched object, preload a banner ad. Then, on banner ad preloaded > display banner ad (and also set the frame of a sprite, as an additional visual indication that the ad successfully preloaded).
It seems like the banner ad doesnt preload.
This happens whether I use a real banner ad id, or the Admob test banner ad id.
And I am using the plugin: ‘cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob’

I also tested with the C2 official admob plugin, using the Cocoon plugin ‘cordova-plugin-ad-admob’, with the same result: nothing is preloaded.

Im not sure what else to try at this point. Im considering TobyR’s Ultimate Ads plugin to see if I can have success with that…


It’s a problem with Canvas+. I don’t think you are able to make any ads work with Cocoonio in canvas+. Sadly Cocoonio also don’t respond to the problem. If someone does have a solution please let us know.

FYI I released 2 apps with cocoonio with working ads. They changed something that causes it no longer to work when you want to update your current game or release a new game.

Link Unity ads cranberry construct 2


@lukasinspace i use canvas+ to wrap the game in cocoon . this is how i setup the ads before and it work great :

on start of layout → load banner
→ load inters

if banner is loaded → show banner
→ banner position top center
if intesr dismiss
if inters showing → show inters
and i add show inters in every timeout stage finished. that was work fine until i start get javascript error in browser.
when i check my game again in mobile. ads not work. and i don’t know why ( probably because a conflict between plugin and construct )


I’m using Canvas+ on Android and iOS. Both are working fine for me.
Make sure you have selected “Text, image & rich media”. Otherwise no ads are shown.




Hi guys. Well I had some success getting admob ads working today. I created a completely new cocoon project, and admob worked straight away! Test banner ads showed first try!

But I can’t get them to work in my original project no matter what I do… I can follow the exact same procedure and ads just dont show.

And another strange thing. If I take the bundle ID from my original project and copy it into the new one, that has working ads… the ads stop showing in that project. But then they work again when I change back to the test bundle ID I was using before.

This is driving me insane?!!?! :frowning: :smile:

Seriously I dont know what to do. I want to update my Cluckles project to put some banner ads in it. But I just dont seem to be able to get them to work in the original project. I think I screwed up the config somehow.

PS I am using Webview+


hi yes all selected and before all was work good until last month when i get the javascript error in the browser i will try to delete the project in cocoon and upload it from the beginning and see if the problem solved or not


If I may… I managed to get Admob Ads to work using a paid C2/C3 plugin made by Toby R: Ultimate Ads.
I added following Cordova plugins: cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob, and cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob. And it works.

Hope this helps.

Note: I also bought Toby R’s Ultimate IAP plugin and it is also working on both iOS and Android.