[Construct 2]Black screen appearing top and bottom

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  • Basic description of the problem:
    When I export my game to cordova and compiled it using cocoon.io, install on phone then I noticed that when I try to play game, I see this black screens both at top and bottom of the game and I have no idea what might be casuing this.


Scale Outer, Enable WebGL - On, Box2D web physic engine, Loader style - nothing

Screenshot -

As seen below, black screen at top and bottom of game screen

  • Device info:
    Android latest version, Samsung Galaxy

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  • Used plugins (if relevant):
    AdmobAds, CocoonAds,CocoonCanvasPlus



please share a test case so we can investigate the issue.



Hi Andy

Thanks for reply. Do you want me to PM you the capx file?


Have you tried Scale Inner. I use Scale Inner for all my games.


Hi and thanks. I just tried that, but it now zooms in more to the game hence some part of the HUD are hidden. But the black lines no longer shows


Yes, that is expected. What I do is, to put all my sprites within the boundaries of the viewable area so that nothing is off-screen.


Yes, please send me the capx file in private.
Thank you!


Hi Andy

I have sent the file.

Thanks very much


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