[Construct 2] Black Screen


Oh I see. Within Cocoon.io, there is a custom splash screen on right.


Does it work now? :wink:


Took a few tries, but changing lazyLoad to false in the csruntime file finally did it for me. It only has a black screen for a split second the first time you run the app between cocoon splash and loader layout, but then it’s perfect! Thanks for the tips!


Awesome news :slight_smile:
I’m glad that it worked out for you finally :smiley:


I faced with the same problem …
look at my list of plug-ins can be some of them allows you to start the game?


You did use outdated plugins.

For instance, the CocoonJS plugin is deprecated. Please download the latest here

Moreover the ProgressBar and the 3D_Starfield plugin aren’t supported on Canvas+ (WebView+ works fine though)
Also remove all “Text” objects while using Canvas+. use SpriteFont instead.



я из Украины, писал через google переводчик :sweat_smile:



Тебе написали, что ты используешь старый плагин CocoonJS
Andy wrote you, that you use outdated plugin CocoonJS


I got a weird problem.

I compiled 2 games using cordova. both games works OK on my Android smartphone, but here comes the weird issue.

When I use a tablet, with Android, I got these problems:

  • one game works only the first stage, when I try to play to play the 2nd stage the game freezes.
  • the other game do not work on the tablet, I got only black screen.

anybody got something like these? in one device works with no problem, but in other doesnt work.


Hi everyone,

I can’t get anything to work on the Cocoon Developer App that’s on the iOS app store. Even an empty game with a single sprite shows a black screen.
I’ve tried most things in this thread and unless I missed something I’m not sure what to do…

I’ve tried:

  • change physics to box 2d web
  • unchecking minify script
  • not using the construct 2 default loader
  • using a custom loader layout
  • changing lazyLoad = “false” in the c2runtime
  • exporting as HTML5 instead of Cordova

These are the errors I get:

On my Android 6.0, Canvas+ and Webview+ both show a black screen (Webview+ flashes white then goes black). Regular webview shows up the game fine but without the X button on the top right…

I’m using an iPad mini to test it.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @andreyin

this is a bug with the new beta version r240 of Construct 2. Just remove the “Browser” object from your project or downgrade to r239 till this bug has been fixed.
Please see this topic.



Thanks but it still won’t work… tried with r239 and a empty project with a single sprite in it. Boots straight into a black screen…


True, I use r240 but for try this I reinstall r239, Black screen still here.


Can you please attach this capx file here?



Hi Andy,
Thanks for trying to help. Like I said it seems to happen with any blank project…

To be clear - I think my main problem is using the Cocoon Developer App that’s on the app store/play store right now. I do not yet have a dev account on google play or the iOS app store because I wanted to test my game to see if it would work just fine before going for it.

To get it straight - what are the steps to test anything on this app? I remember using it when CocoonJS was around and remember it being really easy, just had to download the app, log in and put a link to a .zip file containing your game on it, then click the Canvas+ (or the Webview+) button. Has anything changed with this app or is this still the correct way to do it?

Thanks again

edit: to be even more clear, I’m talking about these apps:

And NOT the developer app generated by cocoon itself (the .apk and the .xarchive)


same here my game sudoku nano it on play store already. Now i am trying to update it i am now getting black screen months after


Same problem, i tried several suggestions from this forum but i got the black screen. Currently using v240 of construct2


You can always run your code in your Developer App. This allows you to check the error log (if running with Canvas+).



I am having the black screen issue.

Here is what I have done:
Select Box2D web
Loader style: progress bar + logo
Remove config.xml before zipping.
Install the Android native ad plugins in cocoon.

Please help me :<

I put: Load banner ads, Set banner layout and show the banner ad in On Start of layout event.


That’s a problem on Canvas+. Set “Percantage text only”.

Also check